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Our privacy statement and how we use your data.

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Privacy statement – e-learning Kentalis International Foundation (KIF)

Version 1.2, March 2023 
Updated on: 17 May 2023

At Kentalis, we respect your privacy. In our relationship with you, we work on the basis of mutual trust. That is why we make every effort to live up to this trust and to protect your personal information. With this Privacy Statement, we are clarifying what information we collect in order to provide you with good information and education on the website How we protect your personal information and what your rights are can be read in this statement. 


  1. When we talk about Kentalis in this statement, we refer to Royal Kentalis as well as Kentalis International Foundation. Kentalis International Foundation is a subsidiary of Royal Kentalis.  
  2. When we talk about the online learning environment, we refer to this website: This is the e-learning platform of Kentalis International Foundation for education and care professionals working in the Global South.  

How do we protect your privacy? 

Kentalis complies with privacy laws and regulations. Our employees are bound by external and internal rules of conduct and work in accordance with the mandatory and customary quality safeguards of our field. In addition, we secure the data that we collect from you. This also applies to the organizations we work with that use your personal data. We make clear agreements with them with regard to proper security. 

We need the data that we collect from you in order to provide you with quality courses, information, and materials. The type of collected data, what we do with it, and how long we keep it is recorded in a processing register. 

How does Kentalis handle your data? 

We treat your data with care in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, in Dutch: AVG). This privacy statement tells you more about how we do this. 

What personal data do we collect when you enroll for a course? 

When you enroll for a course on our online learning platform, we require certain data to process your registration and create an account for you. To create an account, we will need your first name, family name, e-mail address, and country. This data helps us personalize our experience and it is necessary to execute the agreement you have entered with us by registering for a course. 

Your personal account records various aspects of your learning journey, including study progress, homework, activities, history, and certificates obtained.  

Active and inactive accounts and the removal of accounts  

Our e-learning platform processes accounts in three different labels. 

1. Active account 

An account that has been registered and paid for by the client will be labeled as 'active', enabling access to the online e-learning platform for up to 24 months. This status is maintained by logging in and following courses on the platform. 

2. Inactive account 

Your account will be marked as 'inactive' if you haven't logged in for 6 months. Inactive still allows you to log in to the e-learning platform. Once labeled as 'inactive', you will receive multiple emails over a 6-month period, urging you to log in to the online platform to change your status back to 'active'. If you fail to log in and your account remains inactive for a total of 12 months (the initial 6 months plus an additional 6 months of inactivity), your account will be automatically deleted as per our policy regarding account removal.  

3. Account removal 

In compliance with the legal retention period for education, we will automatically remove your account and data. There are two ways an account will be removed: 

  • All accounts (active or inactive) will automatically be removed after 24 months of registration, unless the account is renewed for another period of time (see 'Renewal of Account') 
  • All ‘inactive’ accounts will be removed after 12 months of inactivity. 

If at any time you wish to have your data removed, you can contact us at with the subject line "Removal Data Account" and include your first and family name in the email. 

One month before your account is due to be removed, you will receive an email reminding you to renew your account or retrieve any certificates from the online e-learning platform. 

Please note that once an account has been removed, it is no longer possible to access the e-learning platform or retrieve any previous data, including certificates or results. If you create a new account using the same email address as before, after the removal, you will not be able to retrieve any of your past results. 

Renewal of accounts 

Please note that as of this time, individual users are not able to renew their accounts on our e-learning platform. We only allow organizations and companies (clients of Kentalis International Foundation) to renew their accounts with us. If you are an individual user whose account has expired, we encourage you to seek out an organization or company that may be willing to renew your account on your behalf. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your account renewal, please do not hesitate to email us at  

Privacy and online classes 

Some courses in our online learning environment have scheduled online classes with a Kentalis teacher/expert. During the execution of these online classes, we pay close attention to the safety and protection of your personal data. We regulate this in part by using good ICT applications. However, our own behavior is the most important guarantee of safety. All Kentalis professionals that implement training activities for Kentalis International Foundation sign a code of conduct.  

Photo, video, and audio material 

In online training activities, it may be necessary to record lectures or take screenshots for educational or quality purposes, or for publishing on websites or other media. We will only request separate advance permission from you if you are being visually recorded. The decision to grant consent is entirely yours, and you can withdraw it at any time. If you withdraw your consent and you are identifiable in a screenshot, video, or photo, we will permanently delete that material or make sure that you are not identifiable. 

Securing data 

Privacy legislation requires Kentalis to secure the personal data that we process (or have processed). In compliance with the legal obligation, Kentalis takes appropriate technical and organizational measures that ensure a level of protection appropriate to the risk. Kentalis applies an information security policy for this purpose. 

Collecting data from or providing data to third parties 

In order to support and improve the online learning environment, we collect data on users’ progress that may be used for research purposes. We will gather information that cannot be linked to any individual learner (learning progress, time on assignments, answers on feedback, etc.) and will be used to gain insights that can enhance the learning experience for all users. For maintaining the online learning environment, we cooperate with third parties. Kentalis and these collaborating parties are and remain responsible for processing this (special) personal data, and together we ensure that your privacy is guaranteed. 

Use of Moodle’s Data-Analytics  

Kentalis uses Moodle Workplace, which comes with its own built-in analytics, which enables administrators to track and analyze various aspects of the e-learning platform. By utilizing analytics, administrators can gain insights into user behavior, course effectiveness, system performance, and user needs. With this data, administrators can improve the quality of courses, optimize the learning experience for learners, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the Moodle Workplace platform.

Our Moodle Workplace runs on a server from Avetica, a premium Moodle partner. Kentalis signed a data processing agreement with Avetica in February 2023.

Access, correction, and transfer of your data 

When Kentalis processes your personal data on the basis of your given consent, you can at any time withdraw the given consent.

You have the right to ask what personal data Kentalis processes from you. We will respond to such a request within one month ; this is the statutory response period. Under certain circumstances, this response period can be extended to two months (art. 12 par 3 GDPR). If there are inaccuracies in the data known to us, they can be corrected   on   request, free of charge. This entails situations where the personal data is outdated, incomplete, or incorrect. The right to have personal data removed applies if it is believed that the personal data may no longer be used by Kentalis or if this data is used unlawfully. Kentalis will assess a request for the deletion of personal data. A request can be denied for example if Kentalis has legitimate interests to process the data or if Kentalis is legally obliged to process/keep the personal data. Under certain circumstances, you can ask Kentalis to restrict the processing of your personal data, for example in case the personal data processed is incorrect . This will prevent mistakes from being made by Kentalis continuing to work with incorrect personal data during this period. You can request this at 

Furthermore, you have the right to request your data - as they are recorded in our administration with your permission or in accordance with the agreement – and in some cases to transfer them to another institution   that will process your personal data. This concerns your personal data that have been digitally processed by us.


You have the right to object to the further processing of your personal data at any given time. Kentalis will then immediately stop processing your personal data. You can email this objection to  


Do you have a complaint about how Kentalis handles your personal data? Please contact our Data Privacy Officer at The Kentalis Data Privacy Officer will address your complaint as soon as possible. 

If you are not satisfied with Kentalis' handling of your complaint, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

Changes or modifications

Kentalis may modify this Privacy Statement from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices. When changes are made, we will revise the "updated" date at the beginning of this statement. Any changes to the processing of personal data as described in this Privacy Statement affecting you will be communicated through an email notification. 

Questions or information

Do you have more questions about how we handle your privacy? Please contact us at: 

Royal Kentalis 
Data Privacy Officer  
P.O. Box 7 
5270 BA St-Michielsgestel  



Terms and conditions on courses, services and products Kentalis International Foundation (March 2023)

Full policy

Terms and conditions courses, services and products Kentalis International Foundation 

Article 1 – Definitions 

The following terms have the stated meaning: 

  1. Terms and conditions: these terms and conditions. 
  2. Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis: an education and care provider in the Netherlands with over 225 years of experience in providing innovative solutions for individuals with hearing and communication challenges.  
  3. Kentalis International Foundation: falls under the organization “Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis” as a subsidiary with legal personality and offers courses, services and products to clients via the online learning environment.  
  4. Client: a company, institution, or other organizational stakeholders that purchases a course, service, or product from Kentalis International Foundation for a group of participants. 
  5. Participant: an individual that is using or participating in courses, programs or products from Kentalis International Foundation.  
  6. Online learning: courses or training with online modules and online interactive meetings with instructor.  
  7. Online learning environment: the electronic learning environment (can be found on where each participant receives access to an account where the participant can find online and digital course material as well as his/her study history.  
  8. Course: modules, lessons, programs or other forms of education by Kentalis International Foundation.  
  9. Service: coaching, advice, or consulting by Kentalis International Foundation.  
  10. Product: products made available by Kentalis International Foundation such as leaflets, brochures, articles, apps, videos, and other documentation. 
  11. Course material: educational, lesson or instructional resources, assignments, documentation, or any other form of material that is used as part of a course.  
  12. Module: grouping of multiple lessons.  
  13. Lesson: covers multiple chapters that are in line with the course’s subject.  
  14. Chapter: covers a specific part of the course’s subject.  
  15. Program: a series of modules and lessons that Kentalis International Foundation offers to a client.  
  16. Blended learning: courses, training, consultancy and coaching that combine online learning with on-location training. 
  17. On-location training: refers to in-person training, led by instructor.  
  18. Course fee: the cost of a course for the client.  
  19. User agreement: an agreement between Kentalis International Foundation and the client with regards to providing courses.  
  20. Credit check: a check of the client's credit history or financial standing in order to assess the client's ability to fulfill their obligations under the agreement. If a credit check is required, Kentalis International Foundation will notify the client to request their consent.  

Article 2 - Kentalis 

Kentalis International Foundation is part of Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis as a subsidiary with legal personality. Kentalis' mission is to create a world where everyone has the right to communicate and participate fully in all aspects of life. For more information, you can visit

Article 3 - Applicability 

  1. The terms and conditions apply to all quotations, offers and/or contracts with Kentalis International Foundation concerning the delivery of courses, products and/or the rendering of services, insofar as these conditions do not deviate from the provisions as set out in article 3, paragraph 3.  
  2. By registering for a course and/or ordering a product or service, the client declares that he/she has read the terms and conditions and accepts their applicability. Kentalis International Foundation expressly rejects the applicability of the (general) terms and conditions used by the client. 
  3. Deviations from the terms and conditions are only valid if expressly agreed in writing between Kentalis International Foundation and the client. Wherever these terms and conditions use the term in writing, this shall mean any form of electronic communication (for example, e-mail or on the website). 
  4. In cases not provided for in the agreement in question and/or the terms and conditions, Kentalis International Foundation will make arrangements in accordance with reasonableness and in the spirit of the terms and conditions. In case of conflict, the provisions of these terms and conditions shall prevail. In case of a written agreement, the provisions in the agreement prevail over the provisions in the terms and conditions. 
  5. The invalidity or non-bindingness (in whole or in part) of one or more provisions of the terms and conditions does not affect the validity or bindingness of the remaining provisions. Should any provision prove to be invalid or non-binding, Kentalis International Foundation and the client will replace the invalid or non-binding part with a provision that is valid and binding and whose legal consequences, given the content and purport of the provision in question, correspond as closely as possible to those of the invalid or non-binding part of this provision. 

Article 4 – The offer 

  1. Kentalis International Foundation releases its offer (preferably) digitally or in a blended form. 
  2. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the program, service and/or the (educational) materials that are part of the program and/or service. The offer also indicates whether the use of this (educational) material is compulsory. 
  3. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of products, digital content and/or services. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper assessment of the offer by the client. If Kentalis International Foundation uses images or videos, these are a true representation of the products, services and/or digital content offered.  
  4. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is made subject to conditions, this shall be expressly stated in the offer. 
  5. Obvious errors or mistakes in the offer do not bind Kentalis International Foundation. 
  6. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the client what the rights and obligations are, which are attached to the acceptance of the offer. 
  7. It is important to note that any offer made by Kentalis International Foundation is non-binding until it is accepted by the client. The client may choose to accept or reject the offer at any time before the acceptance deadline. Once the offer has been accepted, a binding agreement is created between Kentalis International Foundation and the client, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. 

Article 5 – The agreement 

  1. The client enters into an agreement with Kentalis International Foundation by registering for training and/or ordering (educational) materials, product, or service and accepting the offer and the conditions set forth therein. Registration for training takes place (i) directly via the online training environment, or (ii) through a signed quote or contract. 
  2. The agreement comes into effect when Kentalis International Foundation accepts in writing the registration for a training course and/or the order for a product or service, and is deemed to be established at the time when Kentalis International Foundation has confirmed in writing the registration or order to the client. This confirmation also serves as proof of registration for the training in question.  
  3. Kentalis International Foundation has the right to refuse participation in a course if Kentalis International Foundation deems a credit check necessary and the client does not consent.  
  4. The client is not entitled to transfer the rights and obligations under the agreement to a third party without the written consent of Kentalis International Foundation. Kentalis International Foundation will not withhold the client's consent if important reasons cannot be given. Kentalis International Foundation may, however, attach further conditions to this consent. 

Article 6 – Enrollment 

  1. Clients can enroll in Kentalis International Foundation's e-learning courses through the online learning environment or by contacting Kentalis International Foundation directly.  
  2. Upon enrollment, the client will be granted access to the course materials for the duration of the course.  
  3. Kentalis International Foundation reserves the right to deny access to the course materials if the client fails to comply with the terms and conditions, including but not limited to non-payment of course fees or sharing course materials with third parties without Kentalis International Foundation's express written permission. 
  4. Kentalis International Foundation reserves the right to revoke a participant's access to the online e-learning environment if their behavior is deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to behavior that violates cultural or sexual misconduct or is discriminatory towards other participants or staff.  
  5. In order to participate in the online courses, participants must have access to a laptop, desktop computer, or smart device with internet connectivity and a browser that is compatible with our e-learning environment.  
  6. The participant acknowledges that it is possible to download content to their own device for offline access, but that Kentalis International Foundation is (1) the original copyright holder of the downloaded content unless stated otherwise and is (2) not responsible for any damage, or loss and cost of (mobile) data that may occur as a result of downloading or using the content. 

Article 7 – Cancellation 

If the number of registrations for a particular course or training module is lower than the minimum required number, Kentalis International Foundation is free to agree with the client that the course or training module in question will be taken at a different training location, date and/or time. If Kentalis International Foundation and the client do not agree on such change(s), then the client is entitled to cancel the training course or the training module in question free of charge. In this case, the client is required to pay the costs for the course units and/or (educational) materials already offered.  

Prior to the initiation of a course, the client has the right to cancel the course. Cancellation can only be made in writing to Kentalis International Foundation via The moment of receipt by Kentalis International Foundation of the cancellation is the date of sending of the e-mail. The scheduled start date of the (rescheduled) training course applies as the starting point in determining the amount of the costs of cancellation as referred to in article 7 paragraph 3. 

In case of cancellation as referred to in article 7 paragraph 2, Kentalis International Foundation is entitled to charge the following costs to the client: 

  • No fee will be charged for cancellations up to 35 days prior to the start of training; 
  • For cancellation between 35 days and 20 days before the start of training, 50% of the training module costs; 
  • For cancellation less than 20 days before the start of the training, 100% of the training module costs. 

Article 8 – Right of withdrawal & dissolution 

In the case of products, services and digital content not supplied on a tangible medium: 

  1. The client may revoke an agreement for 14 days after receipt of the written acceptance referred to in Article 5 paragraph 2, without giving reasons. Kentalis International Foundation may ask the client for the reason for withdrawal, but may not oblige the client to provide his reason(s).  
  2. If, after the commencement of the training or service, the client dissolves the agreement prematurely, there is no right to any refund of the amount paid or still owed by the client to Kentalis International Foundation, with the exception of the costs for the material not (yet) delivered. 
  3. Restitution of (part of) the cost of a training course or service is only possible when a premature dissolution of the agreement is the direct result of a serious illness or calamity, whereby Kentalis International Foundation may require proof thereof in the form of a medical certificate or otherwise. The medical attestation will in principle be provided by the attending physician and will in any case indicate (i) the identity and capacity of the person providing the attestation, (ii) the identity of the person concerned for whom the agreement is to be terminated, (iii) the cause of the unfitness of this person to follow/receive the training or service and (iv) the probable duration of the unfitness. 

Extended period of consideration for products, services and digital content not delivered on a tangible medium in case of failure to inform about right of withdrawal: 

  1. If Kentalis International Foundation has not provided the client with the legally required information about the right of withdrawal or the model form for withdrawal, the period of consideration will run for 12 months after the end of the original consideration period, as mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article, determined in accordance with the previous paragraphs of this article. 
  2. If Kentalis International Foundation has provided the information referred to in the preceding paragraph to the client within 12 months of the effective date of the original reflection period, the reflection period expires 14 days after the day on which the consumer received that information. 

Article 9 – Certification 

  1. When all requirements of the program have been met and (if applicable) the exam/test has been completed with a passing grade, the participant of a program receives a certificate or certificate of participation. 
  2. A certificate or proof of attendance will be issued once the conditions of paragraph 1 of this article are met and when the costs of the training have been paid. 
  3. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined in paragraph 1 of this article, participants may be required to fulfill certain attendance or performance criteria in order to receive a certificate or proof of attendance. These criteria will be communicated to participants prior to the start of the program or course, and may include a minimum number of sessions or hours attended, a minimum passing grade on exams or assignments, or completion of specific projects or activities. 
  4. The certificate or proof of attendance will include the participant's first name, surname and date of the program or course, the number of hours or credits completed (if applicable), and any other relevant information as determined by Kentalis International Foundation. The certificate or proof of attendance may be issued in a physical or digital format. 
  5. Kentalis International Foundation will make every effort to ensure that participants understand the requirements for receiving a certificate or proof of attendance, as well as the format and content of the certificate or proof of attendance. Any questions or concerns regarding certification should be addressed to 

Article 10 – Payment 

  1. If the client is a company or institution and chooses to pay by bank transfer, payment is made by transferring the amount due to the Kentalis International Foundation account number indicated for that purpose. The necessary payment details as well as the particulars to be named are indicated on the invoice.  
  2. The client must pay the cost of a training course, service, or product by a lump sum payment. The client can only pay by invoice. The client must indicate the chosen method of payment as invoice when ordering a product, and it cannot be changed after ordering a product. 
  3. Payment is due no later than the due date as stated on the relevant invoice. Kentalis International Foundation aims to send the (first) invoice to the client four weeks before the start of the training. Kentalis International Foundation applies a payment term of 30 days. 
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the client must have paid the full cost of a training course to Kentalis International Foundation prior to the first meeting of the training course. The payment term from paragraph 4 is shortened to no later than the day before the training begins. 
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, the client must have paid the full cost of a product before it is shipped to the client. 
  6. If the client has not paid the amount due in full within the specified period, Kentalis International Foundation will send the client a payment reminder offering the client the opportunity to still pay. If the client has not paid the amount due in full within the set period, the client is in default without further notice. 
  7. If the client fails to pay within the deadline, additional costs incurred by Kentalis International Foundation to collect the amount due to Kentalis International Foundation shall be borne by the client. Furthermore, Kentalis International Foundation will consider legal steps (see Disputes, article 23).  

Article 11 – Legitimation 

  1. When registering for training, the client is required to provide the correct first and surname of the client as stated in a valid identification document and, where applicable, the participant who will attend the training. 
  2. Each participant attending a training course is obliged to confirm his/her/their attendance during the meetings of the training course by either (i) participant signing an (online) attendance list or (ii) timecode of login on the online learning platform. 

Article 12 – Course fee 

  1. The costs of each course/service and product and the method of payment are listed in the offer. Any arrangement fees and administration costs are an inseparable part of the total cost of the offer. 
  2. Interim cost price increasing factors occurring after the conclusion of the agreement can be charged by Kentalis International Foundation to the client. The client will be informed of this in a timely manner in writing. 
  3. If the client is a private individual and the cost price-increasing factors referred to in paragraph 2 of this article result in a change in the price of a product or service within 1 month of the conclusion of the agreement, or 1 month after communication of the changed price, the client has the right to dissolve the agreement. 

Article 13 – Taxes 

  1. Amounts quoted by Kentalis International Foundation can be subject to Dutch VAT (in Dutch: BTW), depending on the course type and geographical location of the client. 
  2. The client is responsible for the payment of its own taxes, including income tax, sales tax and social insurance contributions, payable to the appropriate authorities. Kentalis International Foundation shall not be required to make contributions for employment insurance, provincial/state or federal pension plans, workers’ compensation or similar premiums, employer health tax and other similar levies on behalf of any of the client’s employees or personnel. 

Article 14 – Liability Kentalis International Foundation 

  1. In the event that Kentalis International Foundation is liable for damages to the client or to the participants of a training course, liability, regardless of the basis of liability, is in all cases limited to direct damages (liability for indirect damages - such as, for example, consequential damages, damages for delays, loss of profits and lost sales - is therefore excluded) and to the loss covered and paid out by insurance(s). 
  2. Kentalis International Foundation is not liable for damage to property of the client or participants of a training course. 
  3. Kentalis International Foundation is in no way liable for damages of any kind resulting from (any) incorrect or incomplete application of information, recommendations, advice and materials provided in connection with the training, product or service. This includes: the information, recommendations and advice provided by the teacher or through the educational materials, brochures or any other work resulting from or related to a course. 
  4. Kentalis International Foundation is not liable if a participant does not comply with the (safety) instructions. 
  5. The limitation of liability described in this article also extends to all persons for whom Kentalis International Foundation is responsible (such as persons employed by Kentalis International Foundation or appointed by Kentalis International Foundation for the execution of the agreement). 
  6. If the client does not participate in a training course itself, the client guarantees that the participants for whose benefit the training course was taken have accepted the aforementioned limitations of liability. 
  7. The limitations of liability mentioned in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of Kentalis International Foundation or persons for whom Kentalis International Foundation is responsible. 

Article 15 – Delivery and execution 

  1. Training materials are provided in a timely manner so that training preparation requirements can be met. 
  2. Other products will be shipped – if needed and if in stock - within 14 working days. 
  3. All terms of delivery of the (educational) materials used by Kentalis International Foundation are determined on the basis of data known at the time of entering into the agreement with Kentalis International Foundation. Kentalis International Foundation accepts no responsibility for exceeding delivery deadlines due to incorrect data provided or changes in the agreement. 
  4. Kentalis International Foundation will not be liable for delays in delivery that are beyond its control, such as unforeseen circumstances (e.g. natural disasters, pandemics, political unrest, etc.) occurring after the conclusion of the agreement. In such cases, Kentalis International Foundation will inform the client as soon as possible and make every effort to deliver the (educational) materials or products as soon as practicable. When shipping (educational) materials, shipping costs will be charged to the client. Any import duties shall be borne by the client. 

Article 16 – Attendance/absence 

  1. In case of illness and/or prevention of a teacher, trainer, advisor or assessor, Kentalis International Foundation will - as far as possible - provide equivalent replacement. If replacement proves impossible, Kentalis International Foundation will inform the client as soon as possible and propose alternative dates when the training or service in question will still be offered. 
  2. In case of illness and/or prevention of a teacher, trainer, consultant or assessor, the client is not entitled to any compensation. Kentalis International Foundation will not charge additional costs for the provision of lesson days or advice resulting from illness and/or prevention of a teacher, trainer, consultant or assessor. 
  3. A client cannot (i) cancel a training or assessment due to the failure of an instructor or assessor at no cost, or (ii) terminate the agreement early due to the failure of an instructor, trainer, advisor or assessor at no cost. 

Article 17 – Confidentiality 

Kentalis International Foundation, its staff and/or persons working for Kentalis International Foundation will treat the information provided by the client as confidential. Kentalis International Foundation complies with applicable privacy legislation. 

Article 18 – Registration of personal data 

Kentalis International Foundation processes personal data provided by clients in accordance with the Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis privacy statement. Client data is provided to third parties if agreed with the privacy statement. The client guarantees that data subjects whose personal data is provided have been informed about the processing of their data by Kentalis International Foundation. 

For Kentalis International Foundation, the purpose of registering personal data is to systematically record, store and make available data for the purpose of: 

  • performing all activities related to enrollment in and participation in training or delivery of (online) products; 
  • fulfilling requests for information from Kentalis International Foundation and the client; 
  • performing analyses and research to improve the (online) services of Kentalis International Foundation; 
  • performing all other work and operations related to the conduct of Kentalis International Foundation's business. 


Article 19 – Security, safeguarding and disposal 

Kentalis International Foundation has taken the necessary measures to promote the physical, technical and organizational security of personal and confidential data so that its records are protected against unauthorized consultation, provision, alteration and/or deletion of data as well as against fire and similar dangers, burglary and theft. Kentalis International Foundation shall ensure that it complies with the provisions of these regulations for as long as they remain in force, taking into account what is provided in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Personal and confidential data will be retained for the purposes indicated or for as long as required by law. If circumstances warrant, Kentalis International Foundation may keep the data longer. 

Article 20 – Right of inspection and modification 

Both Kentalis International Foundation and the client have the right to access, correct, supplement, delete and block his/her personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If Kentalis International Foundation or the client wishes to exercise (any of) these rights, or if the client has any questions about the Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis privacy policy, he/she can send an e-mail to  

Article 21 – Intellectual property rights 

  1. All intellectual property rights, including copyright, pertaining to the (educational) materials provided and compiled by Kentalis International Foundation belong to Kentalis International Foundation, unless stated otherwise. No part of these publications may be reproduced and/or published without written permission from Kentalis International Foundation. 
  2. Kentalis International Foundation respects the intellectual property rights of others and incorporates materials from others only with permission or with the correct copyright claims. 
  3. The client warrants that drawings, models, materials or other works provided to Kentalis International Foundation by him or by participants for whose benefit the training was taken do not infringe or violate any intellectual property rights of third parties. 
  4. The client agrees that images/photos/videos made during the training, drawings, models, materials or other works or educational materials provided to Kentalis International Foundation, may be used for other educational purposes of Kentalis International Foundation. If the client does not wish this, he/she must make this known in writing at the start of the training in question. 

Article 22 – Modification of terms and conditions 

Kentalis International reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. It is the client's responsibility to review the terms and conditions periodically to ensure that they are aware of any changes that may affect their agreement with Kentalis International Foundation. 

Article 23 – Disputes 

  1. The terms and conditions is governed by Dutch law. 
  2. Disputes between the client and Kentalis International Foundation concerning the realization or execution of agreements relating to services (not being products) to be provided or delivered by Kentalis International Foundation can be brought by both the client and Kentalis International Foundation before the disputes committee to which Kentalis International Foundation/Stichting Koninklijke Kentalis is affiliated. 
  3. For all information on disputes and complaints, please send an e-mail to